Won’t you come into my garden, I’d like my flowers to meet you! If you like flowers and would like to do some relaxing hand sewing, stay right here! I can offer you beautiful appliqué quilts and techniques for hand needle turn appliqué, as well as for making beautiful flowers from French and silk ribbons. Flowers have always brightened my day, from fabric to garden blossoms. I enjoy growing them in a garden to seeing them grow in fabric on a quilt. I like to go one step further and “guild the lily” by enhancing my floral appliqué quilts with embellished flowers made from beautiful ribbons. These ribbon flowers are a delight to make, fun to use and your hands are not soiled with dirt!I hope you’ll visit further, as I’d like to share my love of flowers and floral appliqué with you. Thank you and may flowers always brighten your day!

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