"I hadn’t planned on writing a book. My Tribute to Celia Thaxter was to be just a quilt, a quilt that told the story. But I was urged by many who saw my quilt to tell the story behind it, to tell of Celia Thaxter’s life and garden and the peace and beauty of nature that I felt through Celia’s own words and her flowers."

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BLOSSOMS BY THE SEA: Making Ribbon Flowers for Quilts

Faye Labanaris

   Join quilt maker, lecturer and historian Faye Labanaris, as she takes readers on a memorable journey through the history of 19th century New England poet and gardener Celia Thaxter and her beautiful flowers from her island garden. Labanaris intertwines the story of Celia’s life, her poetry, her garden wisdom, with the making of an astounding Baltimore Almun – style quilt. The book is as practical as it is beautiful, as quilters and romantics explore the beautiful story behind Celia Thaxter’s’ famed flowers brought to life again by Faye.

   A quilter since 1976 and a professional quilt teacher since 1990, Faye enjoys the freedom of creativity and spontaneity wire-edged ribbon flowers provide. She has developed many original flowers and quilt designs for her workshops. In this, her first book, quilters can learn the techniques for making ribbon flowers – pansies, lilies of the valley, roses and many more. Whether you are a quilter, gardener or poet, Blossoms by the Sea will make a wonderful addition to your library.


Two books in one
"I purchased this book directly from Faye during a workshop, and after I read the story, I've referred back to the book over and over again for the instructions for making ribbon and cloth flowers. I loved the story about Celia Thaxter and her life and gardens in what many would consider an inhospitable environment. This book is a loving tribute to Celia, but it is so much more. It tells the story of the quilt Faye made to commemorate Celia's life and includes instructions for many of the flowers on the quilt. So, you get two for your money - a piece of history with glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman as well as a reference book to use again and again. Faye may not have intended to write a book when she began, but what a book she ended up with" Kim in Maryland

   Published by The American Quilters Society in 1996.

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