(NOTE: Not all ribbon packs are still available. Please contact Faye directly for your specific ribbon needs.) Expand your ribbon inventory with these delicious medley packs of French wire-edge ribbon.

Ribbon in assortments may vary slightly due to availability.

All Cuts are 1 yard unless indicated otherwise.

As always, satisfaction is guaranteed with your money back (less postage) if not satisfied.

*Unless indicated otherwise, medleys contain a mixture of solids and ombres.

Ribbon Width Descriptions:

Size # 9 is 1 ½” wide

Size # 5 is 1” wide

Size # 3 is ¾” wide

*   *   *   SURPRISE   MEDLEYS!   *   *   *

Having trouble deciding what ribbon you want? Let me decide for you! 

I am offering Surprise Medley packs of ribbon in a rainbow of colors.

Each contains 6 - half yard cuts of beautiful Size # 9 (1.5” wide) wire-edge ribbon.

This is a great deal and a wonderful way to build up your ribbon collection.

Colors available: reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, pinks, purples, white, ivory, black, and white.

Plus, I can create color combinations just for you on request! Cost is $6 per package

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