A Quilted Celebration of America’s State Flowers

Faye Labanaris

    Faye’s newest book pays tribute to the beauty of America’s State flowers in this collection of 55 original designs quilted as wall hangings. Learn to use over a dozen different techniques to create the many different flowers for the 50 United States, as well as the District of Columbia and four US territories.

   From Alaska to Hawaii, every U.S. state has its beloved flower, and all have been made into quilts before. Since the idea of sewing state flowers onto quilts first took hold, these have been some of the most popular patterns of all time. Each 20 inch-24 inch original design flower block can stand alone as a wallhanging or be combined into a heritage project showing where a quilter's family members live. The basic appliqué and ribbon work techniques can be mixed and matched to suit every quilter's taste. The pattern CD includes a wonderful bonus-information on each state or territory such as its date of statehood, nickname, motto, state bird, state tree, and more. Students can rely on this information as a resource and quilters can use these tidbits to embroider and enhance their projects.

“America's Quilted Garden Blocks” offers over fifty flower blocks celebrating the 50 US states and 4 territories, and is a lovely plan that includes a pattern CD bonus with details on each state such as nicknames, state birds, trees, and more. Full color photos accompany instructions on construction and make this a fine addition to any quilter's project collection!"  -Diane Donovan, Editor, California Bookwatch

"So many patterns, so little time. I LOVE this book. There are so many flower design elements that can be used separately or together with stunning results. The Kansas block looks inspired by an antique quilt. Best yet is the CD ROM with the block patterns. You can zoom in to observe the quilt blocks in more detail. Great!"  -Kathy Niemann, Marietta, GA

      Published by The American Quilters Society in 2011. Order your autographed copy today for $25.00. Send check or money order to the address below. Click HERE for the link to an order form.

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